Sunday, August 31, 2014

Early birds

Day trips from Munich-part three
Our train ride to Füssen was great! I slept the first hour or so (up at 6:30 today) and then enjoyed the beautiful view as we wound our way towards the mountains. Upon arrival, we walked to the famous bridge where there is a lovely view of the castle Neuschwanstein. It was a long uphill walk but the weeks conditioning helped. A gorgeous view of the castle and the surrounding lakes greeted us. Then we went for a tour of the Neuschwanstein castle. The decadence and detail in each room were astounding! Ludwig II created a beautiful space, though it was never completed. Both Laura and I wished we had had more time to absorb everything but they keep us moving at a steady pace through a guided tour. Probably to be able to get more people in and out.

Laura and I then walked around the castle to a lake surrounded by mountains and then up to the other castle called Hohenschwangau. We walked around the outside and then went down to the town a little bit away. There were some art tents set up that we walked through and then we waited in the station for the train, as to not get wet from the rain.

On the ride back we were joined by two people who knew each other from staying in the same hostel. The girl was from New York and the boy from Malaysia. We had interesting conversations with them about traveling, vaccines, and being your own medical advocate. It was really great and made the two hours fly by!

Now Laura and I are in the apartment and are planning to sleep soon since we have to get up at one to catch the train to the airport. Our plane leaves around 6:30 but the only way to get there in time with the train schedule is to leave early! Can't believe we are already leaving Germany and I am that much closer to starting my next four months in Sevilla!

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