Friday, August 29, 2014

Magic tricks with trains

Day trips from Munich-day one!
Today we left for Ulm on a two hour train ride from Munich. When we got on the train we were joined by eight men dressed in traditional Bavarian garb and drinking beer. My thought was oh no. We talked with them and enjoyed joking with them (well mostly Laura talked to them since they did not know much English). But when they ran out of beer they asked a group of younger guys a car or so ahead for beer. When the guy came back we learned that we had been "traded" for beer-they had told the younger guys we'd go sit with them. So maybe kinda funny but then one of the guys kept pushing the issue and we started to get rather annoyed. Luckily it was at this time that the train stopped. But we weren't in Ulm. Turns out that the train had split in half, ladies and gentlemen. Yup. Half of the train went to Ulm and half went to who knows where. So we got off and went with the guys to take another train back two stops to get on the correct train for Ulm  By the last train we were not sitting with them and were happy to arrive in Ulm.

First, we went to the cathedral of Ulm which was stunning! And there was a tower to climb, which I was so excited about. 710 steps later we were almost dead but thrilled to be at the too spire of the cathedral. I was like a kid in a candy shop walking all around, taking photos, and absorbing the beauty. Then we walked down (a dizzying experience where you feel like you aren't moving since the walls and stairs all continue in a spiral) and went into the cathedral. My legs kept a shaking whenever I stood still as they were rather worn out from the climbing. The inside was also stunning-a gorgeous organ, different family crests, and wonderfully carved stone.

Afterwards we walk around and took in the lovely buildings and river. Ulm is quite picturesque. Then it was time to take the train back to Munich. We slept some and I listened to music. The landscape outside of the train was great and it was fun to see different towns and cities. Quite a few of the houses here have solar panels, which Laura says is part of the effort of Germany to be green. Upon arrival in Munich we ran to Milka welt since I had not yet gotten anything from there and we wouldn't have time other days. Good fortune that it had not yet closed and I was able to get some cookies for our breakfast and some chocolate to bring home (we shall see if it makes it until December staying in my bag :)). Laura and I are going out with a friend of hers from Spain that is studying here this summer. Luckily the Germans do not stay out until 7 so we will be home by 2 at the latest to get some sleep before we get up for our next day trip!

**we didn't end up going out but I somehow ended up awake until one. Whoops!

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  1. Smiles and smiles. You make it all come alive.😊