Monday, August 25, 2014

More traveling and feeling like an adult

We are in Munich and I am so happy!!!

A quick look back on the past few days:
 Traveling to spain went well, though saying goodbye was quite hard. I arrived and got to spend time with Laura and her family at the beach which was so wonderful! Laura and her friends, whom I had not seen since 2012 (I think that was the year?), took me to a discoteca and it was very fun. It's crazy that people don't got to the discoteca until 2 and don't leave until 6 or 7! A bit different than in the United States. During the next few days at the beach, we built a wonderful sandcastle and  I unfortunately got hit in the face with a boogie board-so my eyelid may be a tad blue in some of the photos from Munich.

We took a bus this morning to Barcelona where we then flew to Munich. I have been so lucky to travel with people who know the language (with Helen in Georgia and Saba in turkey) and Laura did a wonderful job asking people the best tickets to get for the trains for our week here. We then navigated to out apartment and didn't get lost! We are feeling rather grown up, which is scary and awesome at the same time.  Language wise we are quite a pair-Laura talks with the locals in German and with me in English and I talk to her in Spanish (this is our usual arrangement so that we both practice). With the addition of German, it gets a bit confusing and sometimes Laura talks to me in German and I talk to Germans in Spanish. In the end we figure it out :) Tomorrow we are getting up early to get food for breakfast to keep in our apartment (it has a kitchen! Amazing what you can find that costs less than a hotel) and then going to start out exploration of Munich. Neither Laura nor I brought our computers, which is liberating but also makes it a tad harder to look up things or to post pictures to a blog. So I shall add those later! Hasta pronto!

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  1. Fantastic post! It made me smile - particularly the part about all the languages you exchange to get through a day. I am sure that is quite the site to outsiders. Enjoy!