Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I have arrived in Sevilla and am now with my host family here, Jori and Juan! Saying goodbye to Laura and her family was sad, but I am happy to know that I will have the opportunity to see them more this semester.

My host family in Sevilla is so sweet and have hosted many different students in the past. They have three grown-up daughters and two grandchildren. So far, we have gotten along really well and they have been super kind and helpful. I also met with some other students today and will be meeting with them this week for our orientation to Sevilla. It just so happens that I met a girl that is in my group on the plane from Valencia to Sevilla. Everyone seems great, though a bit jet lagged. I feel lucky to be on Spanish time already. Tomorrow I will go see one of the universities and meet with some of the directors of the program. I can't wait! I am excited to learn more about the city and my nerves are subsiding for now. I imagine when I start classes in the university after my two weeks of intensive Spanish classes, I will be nervous once again. Until then, I will work on knowing my way around the city and making friends with the people in my program.


  1. SO exciting. It sounds like your host family is wonderful! What an adventure you are having

  2. Glad to hear that things are going well! (Show us pictures of your room and town?!)
    Love, Nicole