Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To day is the day!

So it is almost 2 am here in Charlotte and instead of resting for my flight tomorrow, I am buying music. Seems like the logical thing to do now that I have taken many things out of my main luggage to ensure that it does not exceed the 50 pound weight limit. Surprisingly, I have fit all I need (clothes, shoes, gifts, etc.) into one checked bag, a carry-on and a back pack. It is surreal to think that tomorrow I will be leaving the country for four months. 

I am starting off my journey by staying with Laura and her family. I am quite excited to seem them all again! After a few days, Laura and I are heading off on our own adventures for a week to explore Munich and some surrounding cities. We planned the whole trip, from flights there to where we are staying. Once I arrive in Valencia, she and I will hash out the details about what cities we will visit in addition to Munich. 

I am sad and a bit afraid to leave all of those I care about and all that is familiar to me. I am also quite excited for the adventure ahead and know that this is something that I want to do and will
immensely enjoy. My access to the internet in Munich will be spotty, but I hope to be able to put up some pictures and write a bit about how the first part of my journey unfolds. 

So this is where I start my blog-on the precipice of an explore, as my dad would say.