Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Livin' la vida loca

Where to begin! 

So I have been living in Sevilla for a week or more now and there are so many wonderful things about this place and the people I have met! I shall start with the band: Cayla, Greta, Bailey, and Rachel. The five of us have been to the beach Matalacana in Huelga together and since then have spent time together studying, going out for sangria and chatting, or planning what we are going to do with our weekends here. There are my huggy bunch of gals who I already miss when I don’t see them for a few days. There are so many great people in the program that I am getting to know, as well.


 The next great thing about Sevilla is my host family. Jori and Juan are so sweet to me and I am having such a great time getting to know them. Juan used to work three jobs, one of which was at a radio station so he knows a ton about music and technology. One night we were talking about flamenco and cantores (the flamenco singers) and he played some records of different genres of flamenco that he had recorded from his time working at the radio. Jori is an amazing seamstress and has made everything in the house from the bedspreads to the curtains and even some of her clothes. She also loves to cook and everything she makes is phenomenal! The number of cookbooks she has in impressive and I know I will not go hungry by any stretch of the imagination. Juan cooks, too!

We also have some pretty funny conversations. My favorite so far is when I was doing homework for my intensive Spanish class (two weeks long) and we had some vocabulary we had to go over. The wifi in the house has been having problems/we are changing providers and they don’t have a dictionary so I couldn’t look any of the words up. Jori and Juan offered to help me and it turned into a game of how can we explain to the American what these different words mean. Through charades, showing me said item or explaining what each thing was I learned quite a lot-a box of matches, a snowflake, a gust of wind, a bunch of flowers, etc. They were explaining “gajo” which I learned is basically a section of orange. A debate ensued between Jori and Juan if lemons had these sections, too, and Juan ended up cutting up a lemon to prove his point. Now, he will bring it up every so often if Jori is telling him he is wrong about something.

I have also finally learned the word for sink! I think I asked Laura and Pepi how to say it a few times when I was in Valencia and now that I am here I have asked Jori and Juan. Then I would try and remember it at various points throughout the day and they would laugh when I said it wrong and tell me how to say the name again-fregadero.

This past weekend I went to their beach house in Rota and oh my goodness was it lovely! If you ever need a relaxing scenic beach vacation this is your place. Also, it is good for people who don’t speak a lot of Spanish since there is a naval base nearby and a lot of English is spoken in the town.

The second week of intensive classes has started off well and there is already so much going on! Figuring out classes for the semester is a bit challenging but I am sure things will work themselves out in the end! 

Off to get started on this weeks tasks!